Saturday, April 30, 2016


It has been awhile since Danith and I took a trip together or been on a real date. For quite some time, our dates have been to the end of the driveway to check the mail together, or through the crowded aisles of the grocery store. I'm sure most parents can relate to that!

Last weekend, we finally enjoyed a little getaway to Fredericksburg to celebrate  our 12 year anniversary, and it was so much fun! We did a few wine tours, climbed Enchanted Rock and just enjoyed each other's company.

After several stressful weeks at work, it was much needed and long overdue! 

I will say, however, coming home was the best. The boys surprised us with a clean house and an anniversary cake that they baked for us all by themselves (well, under my parents' supervision). Those boys, they AMAZE us. 

God is so great. SO great.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is in the air! Literally. Pollen is everywhere, as are the June bugs, spiders, ants (a pile in our mailbox!), blooming flowers, itchy eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose.... ok I've drifted. The bunnies have returned to our back yard, and so have the Cardinals in the trees, the herons in the pond behind our house, and a good size little ninja turtle!

Joseph wanted to keep him! It was adorable how excited he was about it! But, funny enough, that turtle made a surprisingly quick exit from our yard.

As busy as we are at work this week,that was probably the highlight of the boys' Spring break so far... we definitely have to make this up to them!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Four Years Later...

We have a teenager in the house! And a very rambunctious 8 year old! Two young men who make life so much fun. They have their dad's personality: quick witted and always cracking jokes. They have Danith and me laughing constantly.

We have moved in to a new home. Other than the 3 obnoxious boxes left in the garage to unpack and several bare walls, we have been settled in now for a year come late April.  

These days our lives are very routine and (thankfully) not too crazy. Work, school, Scouts and soccer, eat, pray, sleep. Start over. Low key and comfortable and exactly how I like it. 

Closing Day!

13th BDay. I adore this boy.
Mr. Joseph's 8th birthday (and 1 of 2 of his Minecraft birthday cakes. I can't help but spoil him!)
And a fun Keo Klaus picture for everyone from the Children's Christmas Party we threw for the kids on our street.