Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Fever!

This week is Spring Break, and I finally took a whole week off from work to make it a fun one for Isaiah and Jojo. I planned to take them to the rodeo carnival (with friends one day and with his cousins on another), for another hike, to the movies, and anything else we could think of.

On Monday, the four of us were able to go to the rodeo carnival with some friends and had a really fun time. Jojo rode his very first ferris wheel, and he ate his very first sausage on a stick. Isaiah had a friend that he's known since they were babies to hang out with, and they had an awesome time together! Then later Isaiah and I watched the Zac Brown Band while Danith and Jojo hung out more at the carnival. It was great!

He loved the ferris wheel!

Wes talked him in to doing this - he went higher than I thought he would!

The Keo and Kompelien Kiddos :-)

Zac Brown Band!

But unfortunately, the Spring Break fun ended there. Tuesday morning Isaiah woke up with a high fever, the chills and a cough. Today is actually day four of fighting a fever of 104 degrees. It has gone up and down, but creeps it's way back up that high regularly.

So of course there have been no movies, no hikes, and no carnival day with his cousins. At least we got to go on Monday! Since then, we have only taken a trip to the doctor and CVS Pharmacy (where someone --who shall remain nameless --backed in to a BMW with my SUV, which is spending the next few days in the collision repair shop... then that nameless person got a ticket for speeding later the same day...) sigh...

This too shall pass --sooner than later I hope!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Camping Weekend

We have been busy busy busy. It's been the usual work, school, scouting and swimming -- in no particular order and all very chaotic. And this weekend, being no exception, we took an awesome (scout) camping trip to Pedernales Falls State Park. Camping has to be our favorite part of Cub Scouting. I'm definitely going to miss it when he becomes a Boy Scout!

This trip was to introduce him to the skills he'll need to camp in Boy Scouts. He had to pitch the tent himself (with the help of another scout, but without his parents)...

He learned different outdoor cooking techniques. He helped to make eggs for breakfast, fajitas for dinner, and two different cobblers for dessert.

And I was so proud of him for doing a skit with his friend for the camp fire!

Saturday afternoon we took about a 4 mile hike, literally over the river and through the woods. The weather was perfect, and even Jojo endured the hike. I was so proud of him for making it - no griping or complaining - he hung in there like he was a 4th grade scout himself.

Jojo crossing the frigid river just like the big boys!

He loved it!

My big boy scout after crossing the river :-)

Den 15 plus siblings!

He walks alone.

Stopping for lunch midway through the hike - ham and cheese sandwiches never tasted so good!

Crossing back over at the end of the hike.

The cold water definitely put the kick back in our exhausted steps!

Does this picture not say, "aww Mom come on, my friends are way ahead of us by now!"

But they were good sports and let me be that mom.

Shortly after the hike, we went to Pedernales Falls, the actual Falls, and it was gorgeous!!

View from the top - the water is obviously a bit low this year.

Can you spot Isaiah in his Houston Texans jacket? :-)


Awesome, awesome, awesome! Other than the frosty nights, it was the best camping trip yet!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pudding and Pie (in the face...)

Yesterday Danith was able to take off of work and stay home with Isaiah and Jojo. It was MLK Day, so school and day care were closed. Unfortunately, I had to go in to a stressful day at work, but at least they got to have a guys' day out together!

Isaiah has been begging to make this cookies n' cream pudding that we got at the grocery store the other day, so they did this before heading out to see War Horse (chosen by Mr. Isaiah - the war and history fanatic in the family).

Fun fun fun with Daddy! I'm jealous I wasn't there (and I got an earful from Jojo for missing it - next time he has warned me that I will be in big trouble!)!

And about this pie in the face...

Isaiah has been in Cub Scouts since 1st grade. This year is his fourth year (4th grade), and he is a Webelo I cub scout. Every year, the Cub Scouts sell popcorn to raise funds for scouting, and it is a tradition in his Pack (#1324) that each boy who sells over $300 in popcorn gets to throw a pie in someone's face. The boys get to choose themselves whomever they would like to throw a pie in the face of, whether it be a sibling or a parent or the Cub Master or a Den Leader.

Well, of course Isaiah has sold over $300 each year and has had a blast throwing a pie in people's faces. He as thrown a pie in the face of is Cub Master and his Den Leader...

 his Daddy...

and this year...

it was me. BOYS!!!

Enjoy the video! ha!